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We offer service repairs for all your appliance problems - anything from installation, service troubleshooting, replacement or modification. Our team of expert technicians, electricians and repairmen can handle whatever major and minor appliance problems you may have. Living in Canada should be a breeze with no problems in finding appliance repair Brampton area and other major cities in the country.

21st Century Appliances

What is different with the appliances of the 21st century with those of our grandparents? Plenty! Well, for starters, the design is quite different. Gone are the boxy, rigid and conventional looking appliances. Today, we have sleek and ultra-smooth deigns built for the modern user. If appliances before had huge knobs, wires and tubes, a lot of today's appliances have little to none of those at all. Today's technology include an electronic control system that can diagnose problems in a heartbeat. For this reason, it is important to have knowledgeable repairmen that can handle these efficiently.

We at Appliance Service People hire only factory-trained and friendly technicians for all your major household appliances. These include the tandem of washers and dryers, dishwashers, the partner refrigerators and freezers, heaters, electric stoves and overs, central heating and air conditioning units. We are proud to be 40 years in this business and it has earned us many loyal customers who have repeatedly comeback to us.

Areas we service

If you live in any of the following areas, we can help you with appliance repair Brampton, Ajax, Aurora, Burlington, Milton, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan and Whitby.

We would like to include you among our many satisfied customers. Call for our services and get that repair job done the right way the first time. Give us a call at your area now!