Dishwasher Repairs

After a party, aren't we glad we have our trusted dishwasher to clean up after us. But when it fails to do the job, we all want it back on the job as soon as possible. Calling The Appliance Service People™ in the morning to guarantee same day service. In most cases, we will have your appliance back on the job that day. We are experts in all makes and models of dishwashers. Call The Appliance Service People™.

Repair Tips

If the dishes are not getting clean:

If the door isn’t closing:

If the unit is leaking:


Tech TipTech Tip

If the inside of your dishwasher is beginning to brown and form mineral stains, put Lime-away (available at your grocery store) or Tang Citrus Drink into the tank during the wash cycle. The citric acid from these products will remove the mineral buildup and restore the finish.

Tech TipTech Tip

If your dishwasher is developing a film on the inside, put 6-7 drops of good quality, name brand regular liquid detergent (for hand washing dishes) in the bottom and put the machine through a regular cycle. This procedure will wash away soap scum, mineral deposits, and grit. It will also allow the machine to work better. Important note - do not use more than 6-7 drops of detergent. Be proactive, prevent potential floods!

You can also use citrus crystals to remove grim and build up, including Tang Citrus drink. There are a variety of citrus products available over the counter. Call our parts department The Appliance Service People at 1-800-941-4379  and  we can send some out to you within one day!

If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call us The Appliance Service People at 905 881 8440  to ask additional questions or for fast, dependable service!