Dryer Repairs

Similar to washers, dryers are getting very sophisticated too. The computers on board these hi-tech machines require a skilled worker to check out error codes and initiate correct repairs. Once again, trust our skilled and highly trained professionals to do the job right. Call The Appliance Service People™.

Repair Tips

Make sure your external venting material is compliant with your owners manual requirements. If you have the improper venting have it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any potential fire hazard from lint build up. If you are unsure, call our office and we will help you determine if you are compliant or not. Many "Use and Care" manual’s show pictures of the acceptable and unacceptable types of venting.


Tech TipTech Tip

BAD ODORS! If you are painting, refinishing wood products etc., in your house or one of your apartments, don’t be surprised if the clothes that come out of your dryer smell funny. In fact, sometimes the odor will be in the air and people believe they have a chemical problem coming from their dryer. Air out the house by opening some windows and re-launder the clothes. The problem will go away in several days.

If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call The Appliance Service People at 905 881 8440 for fast, dependable service.