Refrigerator Repairs

We repair all brands of refrigerators. Sometimes, all that is needed is a minor repair. Other times it may require more or be too expensive to repair given its age and condition. You can rely on our appliance repair technician to advise you accordingly. We want to earn your trust and have you with us for years. Call The Appliance Service People™ .

Repair Tips

Today’s high effieciency refrigerators will run a lot more than older units. People typically think that because the new unit is running 90% of the time that it is costing them more money to operate. New refrigerators use a modulating compressor. Even though the refrigerator is still running, it is doing so at a much lower power level than at start up. The compressor speed is regulated according to internal temperatures, which is based on the amount of times the door is opened, the room temperature, the amount of food stored inside, and other factors. New refrigerators cost roughly 25% of what a similar size box that is over 20 years old costs to operate!


Tech TipTech Tip

If you notice a stale or foul odor in your refrigerator, there are a number of different odor removers available. After thoroughly cleaning out the inside of the refrigerator and freezer sections, you can also try wadding up newspapers and stick them in the empty but running refrigerator for a 24 hour period. Another method is to sit an open container of baking soda in both sections, without any food in either compartment. If these methods don’t work, we sell two different products, commercial grade "kleen-air" and "fridge it" (the purple odor eater). They are moderately price at around $8.00 and are extremely effective!  Call our parts line The Appliance Service People at 1 800 941 4379.

If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call The Appliance Service People at 905 881 8440  for fast dependable service.