Scarborough Service Today!! Has been trained to service your washers

You can’t imagine the amount of wear and tear that happens to appliances nowadays. Every load you do of laundry takes a small toll on your appliances. Without proper servicing or care, even the hardiest, sturdiest of washers could break down. And what is a washer without a dryer, or a dryer without a washer? Worse, what is a person without clean clothes? These are scenarios too horrible to think of, questions too terrible to justify with answers.

Our company, serving Scarborough and other parts of Canada, is here to help you in dire times. Dire times like when you washer set breaks down. We know you have that important meeting tomorrow and your fancy skirt needs to be the one you wear. Too bad it’s dirty. Too bad the dryer is broken. Let us step in and sort out the mess. We’re here for you to do washer repair Scarborough and other cities.

Why choose Service Today!!

With 42 years of experience under our belts, you’d think we’d have seen it all when it comes to appliance repair. We do think we have, or at least our experience has prepared us plenty well enough to deal with anything that comes our way. Not only that, but by calling Service Today!! you are ensuring the repair of your expensive large home appliance, your washer, is put into the hands of professionals who have been trained to respond quickly and intelligently to your needs. We are the Appliance Service People and we know what to do when it comes to washer repair Scarborough and other cities.

The ‘Today’ in Service Today!! Isn’t just for show – if you call before 1 pm for a serving or repair job in Scarborough, we will respond within the day. We will service you in the best way imaginable and take care of your appliance woes. Call Service Today!!, today.


Servicing your appliances since 1972.
Call now before 1:00pm for same day response and the best service imaginable. You will not be disappointed.

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