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Washer Repairs

We provide repair expertise for all makes and models of washers. The newer models have complicated systems to evaluate when they fail to perform. Our technicians are continually trained on the latest models. Like an automobile’s computer system, computerized washers require a properly trained technician to do the job right the first time. Call The Appliance Service People™.

Repair Tips

washer dryer

If the machine is a front loader or a high efficiency model you should probably be using HE detergent to maximize the washers effectiveness. Read the owners manual to determine the type of detergent that is recommended for your machine.

Laundry detergents are designed for specific purposes. Liquid is better at removing household stains including grease and powders are better at removing dirt stains. As a general rule farmers and gardeners should use powder and domestic engineers should use liquid!

If the machine is dead:

Tech TipTech Tip

WELL WATER! If you are on a well system or have high sediment content in your water, insert screened hose washers in the end of both washing machine fill hoses where they attach to the external supply faucets. These screens will prevent the washing machine fill valve from collecting the debris in its screens and clogging up causing slow fill times. You may have to replace these screens periodically. It is not recommended to try and clean the screens.

If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call The Appliance Service People at 905 881 8440  for fast, dependable service.